MEd Programme

Candidates who holders Degree in Educational Field and Advanced Professional Diploma in School Administration and Management (APDSAM) of the Institute can apply for the award of M.Ed Degree of our partner Universities.

1. Statiscal Methods

2. Educational Research Methods

3. Managerial Psychology

4. Concepts and theories of Educational Administration and planning

5. Human Resources Management in Education

6. Practicum in Educational Management

7. Project Management in Education

1. Advanced Psychology of Learning

2. Supervision of Instructions in Education

3. Economics of Education

4. Monitoring/Evaluation in Education Management

5. Budgeting and Financial Management in Education

6. Application of Management Information Systems in Education

7. Educational Statistics for Education Managers

1. Politics of Education

2. Legal Aspects of Educational Administration

3. Problems and Issues in Higher Education

4. Dissertation Project

5. School Plant Management

6. Principles of Institutional Administration in Education

7. Responsibility and Accountability in Education Management

Contact Institute of School Administration and Management (ISAM) for list of Affiliated Universities in Benin, Ghana, UK and USA.

B.Ed or B.Sc in Educational Field, APDSA of the Institute. Holders of HND/BSc in non Educational Field are required to first complete the Graduate Conversion Course before becoming eligible for admission into the Masters Degree Programme. Duration is One and Half Years.

These courses are delivered online, there are Recognized Teaching Centres for the M.Ed courses in several cities preparing students for the examinations of the Institute, from which the students can make a choice. Students are also free to study privately and register for the examinations as independent candidates. For the full list of study centres, use this link.

M.Ed Examinations are strictly Computer Base and are held twice each year, in accordance with detailed Time Table for each examination diet to be published or notified to the candidates before the examination. The examinations will be held at the Examination Centre choose by the student during registration. The Examinations are open only to Registered Students.

List of fees payable for the programmes can be downloaded using this Link. Candidates for Masters of Education should completed the Online Application Form for Masters of Education, upload all copies of their certificates, and make online payment of N35,000 non-refundable mandatory processing fee.