Ph.D. Programme

Ph.D. in Education by Research via Online Learning is ideal for people engaged in the world of work who cannot attend a traditional university. Institute of School Administration and Management with her accredited international partners: an alternative that helps adult students around the world achieve their academic goals. Surveys conducted over the years have shown that a Ph.D. by research achieved via Online Learning, in a reputable institution, can be as useful as a traditional school. In fact, what is important is the skills and professionalism.

Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) is the highest academic title awarded by universities in most countries. The Ph.D. usually covers all programs of the entire academic range. As a graduate researcher, students studying for this qualification are usually required to demonstrate competence and mastery of the subject matter for the exam, but also to make new academic contributions to a particular area of human knowledge through original research. The online Ph.D. by research consists of original academic research carried out autonomously by the candidate, in a specific branch of human knowledge culminating in a final Ph.D. thesis.

The study and research program must be carried out by the student independently. The supervisor will not be a real tutor, but rather a specialized consultant, to whom the student can turn for any assistance. The student can use textbooks and the Internet for his research. Through free and independent research, students acquire highly specialized knowledge and a full mastery of the specific skills that they will develop, argue and defend in their culminating work: the doctoral thesis.

1. Advance Educational Research Methods

2. Statistical Analysis and Quantification in Educational Planning

3. Manpower Approach In Educational Planning

4. Administration Of Schools

5. Seminar: Ph.D. Education Thesis (Part 1)

1. Communication Strategy In Educational Planning

2. Evaluation Strategies in Educational Planning and Implementation

3. Implementation Of Educational Policy Plans

4. Advance Curriculum Theory

5. Ph.D. Education Thesis (Part 2)

1. Information & Communication Technology In Education

2. Educational Laws And Regulations

3. Education Finance

4. Ph.D. Education Thesis (Part 3)

1. Oraganisational Theory In Education

2. Conceptualization Of Instructional Strategies

3. Topical Issues In Educational Administration

4. Seminar: Ph.D. Education Thesis (Part 4)

1. Analytical Approach To Educational Planning

2. Comparative Studies In Higher Education Systems

3. Seminar: Ph.D. Education Thesis (Part 5)

1. Ph.D. Education Thesis

Open to holders of Master Degree.

These courses are delivered online, there are Recognized Teaching Centres for the Ph.D. courses in several cities preparing students for the examinations of the Institute, from which the students can make a choice. Students are also free to study privately and register for the examinations as independent candidates. For the full list of study centres, use this link.

Ph.D. Examinations are strictly Computer Base and are held twice each year, in accordance with detailed Time Table for each examination diet to be published or notified to the candidates before the examination. The examinations will be held at the Examination Centre choose by the student during registration. The Examinations are open only to Registered Students.

List of fees payable for the programmes can be downloaded using this Link. Candidates for Doctor of Philosophy in Education should completed the Online Application Form for Doctor of Philosophy in Education, upload all copies of their certificates, and make online payment of N50,000 non-refundable mandatory processing fee..