Professional Diploma in School Administration and Management (PDSAM)

This is the Institute’s School Administrative Management Technician Course (SAMTC), with minimum duration of four semesters. This comprises SAMTC 1, SAMTC 2, SAMTC 3, and SAMTC 4, to be completed strictly in that sequence, subject to any exemptions awarded, plus Supervised Teaching Practice, Research Project, and Career Development and Training (CADET) workshop.

1. Introduction to Education

2. Development of Appropriate Skills in Children

3. Nigerian Peoples and culture

4. History and Philosophy of Science

5. Principles of Economics I

6. Nigerian Legal System

7. Introductory Mathematics Economics I

1. Educational Technology

2. Professionalism in Teaching

3. Communication for Business

4. Computer Appreciation for Managers

5. Introductory Mathematics for Economics II

6. Principle of Economics II

7. Political Analysis

1. Developmental Psychology

2. History of Education

3. The School Environment and The Child

4. Introduction to Microeconomics

5. Nigerian Economy in Perspective

6. History of Economic thought

7. Economic Development

1. General Teaching Method

2. Sociology of Education

3. Community Development

4. Supervised Teaching Practice

5. Introductory Macroeconomics

6. Politics of Development and Underdevelopment

7. Research Project

Senior School Certificate or equivalents with five credits including English Language and Mathematics obtained at two sittings. Candidates who do not have complete credit passes are considered for provisional admission on the condition that they will make up their entry deficiencies before completing the course.

These courses are delivered online, there are Recognized Teaching Centres for the PDSAM courses in several cities preparing students for the examinations of the Institute, from which the students can make a choice. Students are also free to study privately and register for the examinations as independent candidates. For the full list of study centres, use this link.

PDSAM Examinations are strictly Computer Base and are held twice each year, in accordance with detailed Time Table for each examination diet to be published or notified to the candidates before the examination. The examinations will be held at the Examination Centre choose by the student during registration. The Examinations are open only to Registered Students.

List of fees payable for the programmes can be downloaded using this Link. Candidates for Professional Diploma in School Administration and Management should completed the Online Application Form for Professional Diploma in School Administration and Management, upload all copies of their certificates, and make online payment of N5,000 non-refundable mandatory processing fee.